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No. of RoomsUnit TypeNo. of UnitsSqftStackPrice Min.Price Max.
1-Bedroom + Study1BS2253803$1,369,000$1,437,000
2-Bedroom2B, 2B(a)45700 & 80506, 15$1,702,000$1,821,000
2-Bedroom Premium2BP1, 2BP2, 2BP3, 2BP4, 2BP2(a), 2BP3(a)113764, 775 & 91507, 11, 14, 19, 22$1,876,000$2,097,000
2-Bedroom Premium + Study2BPS1, 2BPS26879718$1,947,000$2,123,000
3 Bedroom3B1, 3B2, 3B1(a), 3B2(a)68969, 1,163 & 1,17301, 12, 20$2,401,000$2,570,000
3 Bedroom Premium + Study3BPS1, 3BPS2, 3BPS1(a), 3BPS2(a)911,216 & 1,42104, 09, 16, 23$2,881,000$3,291,000
4 Bedroom Deluxe (with Private Lift)4B, 4B(a)451,292 & 1,48508, 13$3,270,000$3,342,000
4 Bedroom Premium (with Private Lift)4BP1, 4BP2, 4BP1(a), 4BP2(a)451,464 & 1,66805, 17$3,524,000$3,874,000
5 Bedroom Premium (with Private Lift)5BP221,73321$4,402,000$4,650,000

(All prices for Pinetree Hill displayed here are for reference purposes. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any pricing inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)

Pinetree Hill, developed jointly by UOL and Singapore Land Group, is poised to be an exceptional masterpiece in the world of real estate. With its wide range of noteworthy features and ideal location, this development offers an unparalleled living experience for residents. Allow us to delve into the factors why Pinetree Hill should be your path forward.

One of the key attractions of Pinetree Hill is its diverse variety of high-end units. With a total of 520 units available, there is a ideal dwelling for everyone. Whether you are looking for a cozy 1+study unit or a generous 5-bedroom apartment, Pinetree Hill has it all. The carefully crafted layouts and high-quality finishes ensure that each unit exudes sophistication and convenience.

Education is a crucial consideration for families, and Pinetree Hill offers an advantageous location for those with school-going children. Situated within a 1-kilometer radius of Henry Park Primary School and Pei Tong Primary School, parents can provide their children with accessible access to quality education. The proximity to these esteemed schools eases the stress of long commutes, allowing families to enjoy more quality time together.

For those seeking a dynamic and lively neighborhood, Pinetree Hill offers close proximity to two prominent hubs: Holland Village and One North. Just a 5-minute drive away, residents can partake in a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Holland Village, known for its bustling atmosphere and diverse culinary scene, provides a lively experience for residents of all ages. Meanwhile, One North, a prestigious research and business park, offers a multitude of job opportunities for professionals in various industries.

Pinetree Hill is situated in a distinguished private enclave, providing residents with a sense of exclusivity and serenity. Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views, this development offers a calm escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The meticulously designed landscape and well-designed communal areas augment the overall living experience, allowing residents to relax and rejuvenate in a harmonious environment.

Moreover, Pinetree Hill aligns with the Bukit Timah URA Masterplan, ensuring that residents will benefit from the future developments and enhancements in the area. As the surrounding infrastructure and amenities continue to grow, residents of Pinetree Hill can expect an increase in property value and a better living environment. By investing in this development, homeowners gain a first-mover advantage in a locale poised for high growth.

Transportation convenience is also a notable feature of Pinetree Hill. With a free shuttle bus service to Holland Village MRT and Buona Vista MRT, residents enjoy smooth connectivity to the rest of Singapore. This accessibility further enhances the appeal of Pinetree Hill, allowing residents to explore the city and commute conveniently.

In conclusion, Pinetree Hill is a exceptional development that offers a multitude of benefits to its residents. From its premium units and proximity to esteemed schools to its dynamic neighborhood and serene surroundings, this development caters to various lifestyle preferences. By investing in Pinetree Hill, residents not only secure an exceptional living experience but also gain a valuable asset in a prime location. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the future high-growth story of Pinetree Hill!

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By UOL and Singapore Land Group

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1️⃣ +Study (538 sqft)
from $1,369,000

2️⃣ Bedroom 1 Bath (700-850 sqft)
from $1,702,000
2️⃣ Bedroom 2 Bath (764-915 sqft)
from $1,876,000
2️⃣ Bedroom + Study (797 sqft)
from $1,947,000

3️⃣ Bedroom (969-1,173 sqft)
from $2,401,000
3️⃣ Bedroom + Study (1,216-1,421 sqft)
from $2,881,000

4️⃣ Bedroom (1,292-1,485 sqft)
from $3,270,000
4️⃣ Bedroom Premium (1,464-1,668 sqft)
from $3,524,000

5️⃣ Bedroom (1733 sqft)
from $4,402,000

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by UOL & Singland
• 520 Luxurious Units
• Low Density Private Enclave
• 88% Lush Landscaping
• Within 1km to Henry Park Primary
• Free Shuttle Bus* to Holland Village & Buona Vista MRT
• First Launch at Mount Sinai in 14 Years, Zero Competition Upon TOP (2027)

*Pricing and availability subject to change anytime without prior notice.

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